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EUROM d.o.o. is a company with the capital of 11,365,300.- KN (nearly 2,200,000.- USD) whose basic activity is divided in two different divisions:

  1. Toys, beach items, school items, gifts and decorations
  2. Packaging machinery

The assests of the company include:

  1. Head office and warehouse building of 13,178 square meters in Zagreb
  2. Warehause in Split 1500 sqm
  3. Warehouse in Rijeka of 600 sqm
  4. Office and warehouse 1400 sqm in Ljubljana,Slovenia
  5. 16,000 sqm of land for bulding a central warehous in Subotica, Serbia

Short history:

1990. - Eurom d.o.o. Zagreb was founded
1992. – Eurom–Denis Toys d.o.o. Ljubljana, Slovenia
1997. – Eurom-Denis Toys d.o.o. Sarajevo, BiH
2002. – New office building and warehouse were built in Zagreb
2006. – Eurom-Denis d.o.o. Subotica, Serbia was founded


This division employs most of the human resources of the company. Warehousing and distribution caters to every sales outlet in the region. Most items are sourced centrally, delivered to the bonded warehouse in Zagreb and from there distributed to different international affiliates and domestic logistic centres and further to each outlet. We are proud to say we are able to deliver in 24 hours from the order.

Through a wide network of sales reps who visit the customer sales outlets and merchandisers who work on the presentations inside the stores we try to cater to every part of the region.


Our team of 4 designers is working on our own packaging for selected items under our brand Denis which has become popular in the region.



We hold the Paws licence for a wide range of inflatables and children sport items in the Garfield range which has been developed by our design team.




Although in the early phase of the company in the 90’ the strategy of the company has been to target the low end of the market we have started to develop several international brands. We had exclusive distribution of Ravensburger and Piatnik since 1991.

As the market is constantly changing we have adapted our strategies to comply with the current situation

  • our focus in sales of toys and seasonal items will remain to be retail chains and supermarkets both domestic and international
  • in this sense we plan to expand our sales network to Romania and Bulgaria
  • develop more items and market item lines in the Denis range
  • acquire exclusive contracts for distributing other famous international brands
  • continue to expand in the licensing field


This division is running independently of the toy division and mostly consists of engineers who project whole production lines for the industry in the region. The company signed exclusive agency agreements with some of the best world machinery producers as presented in the chart.

The reference list includes region leading pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical companies as Pliva, Krka, Belupo, Bosnalijek, Alkaloid,  Lek, JGL, Henkel, Neva, Ilirija, Jub, Kimi, Saponia,  Helios group, Podravka, Kraš, Cedevita, Droga etc. 

With range of machinery from our principal companies (BBK, LB Bohle, BVM, Dividella, Grunwald, Hapa, Langguth, Laudenberg, Mediseal, OCS, Optima consumer division, Pester, Sepha, Somic, Sollas etc.) that we represent on our territory we are able to respond to all market packing demands and there for be able to keep high level of competence.

In over 10 years of dealing with packaging industry the company has sold over 200 different machine lines on former  Yugoslavia territory (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia ).

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